Kinetrol spring return units

5 December 2016

Spiral torsion springs are found in many places like the clocks, watches, timers. The new Kinetrol spring return units are capable of storing much more energy than a typical compression spring, and working in smaller, more compact packages, spiral torsion springs for valve and damper actuation are a proven step-up over helical compression springs. Weiter...

ABB and MTU prove durability of VCM® system

2 December 2016

Durability field-tests results of ABB’s variable valve train system, Valve Control Management (VCM), have shown unprecedented success of the technology on an MTU high speed gas engine. The successful running of each VCM actuator for 7,000 hours on an engine is an important milestone for the forthcoming serialization of this technology. Weiter...

Rotork emergency shut-off solution on Motorway

2 December 2016

The Sundsvall Bridge in northern Sweden carries the European Route E4 motorway, spanning a coastal cove to bypass the city of Sundsvall. Opened in 2014, the 2.1 kilometre bridge also carries two 400 mm diameter district heating pipelines which are now protected by an emergency shut-off system incorporating Rotork pneumatic actuators. Weiter...

New anti-rotational design ensures accuracy

30 November 2016

BEI Kimco, a brand of Sensata Technologies, has recently introduced a new moving magnet Voice Coil Actuator with a flexure design that ensures high alignment accuracy by preventing unwanted shaft rotation. Weiter...

AS Interface for Kinetrol Vane Actuators

28 November 2016

Devices conforming to the AS interface (Actuator Sensor interface) set of open specifications are used to make up control systems based on a two-wire communication cable known as a bus. Up to 31 actuators and sensors (“slaves”) can be connected to the AS interface bus, and can be controlled or monitored by means of a digital signal sent via the bus to and from a “master” device (which can be a computer or a PLC). Weiter...

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