SAUTER ASV 215 is new VAV compact controller

24 February 2017

The new VAV compact controller from SAUTER, unites all critical controlling functions in one device. The SAUTER ASV 215 – combined with the fastest integrated valve actuator of any compact air-volume controller. Weiter...

Fairchild’s new motorised pressure regulators

23 February 2017

Rotork has introduced Fairchild PAX1 range of motorised pressure regulators. The new design is based on the well-established Fairchild MP2400 range. The result is a flexible, low power and field convertible unit representing the next generation of motorised pressure regulation. Weiter...

Burkert’s standard and specialized process valves

22 February 2017

Bürkert provides a vast variety of control valve solutions for the process industry. With such a vast array of fluids and gases being used in so many different control processes in modern manufacturing, the number of valves available number tens of thousands. Weiter...

Arca adds PP-130 resp. PP-1.3 to their portfolio

20 February 2017

Arca has developed two new pneumatically activated actuators - the smallest actuator „PP-1.3“ with a diaphragm surface of only 8,68 sq in and the biggest actuator „PP-130“ with 434 sq in diaphragm surface. Weiter...

LB Bentley extends product range

15 February 2017

LB Bentley has continued the development of its advanced rotary actuator, OPTItork™, by the introduction of an actuator to operate a ¾” 15K Rotary Gate Valve. This actuator complements the ½” actuator launched in 2016. Weiter...

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